Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Super 10 Earners Of Voice

no 10 Gwen Stefani
$ 27 Million
She had played 100 solo concerts and sold tickets worth $55 Million. and she has a Fashion line of her own by the name L.A.M.B.
and she does comercials for HP

No.9 Genesis
$ 31 Million

We all remember the phil collins group the genesis they reunited after 40 years they were just a step behind justin timberlake and Police in ticket sales. An average night in U.S, 2.7 Million

No. 8 Van Halen
$ 35 Million
last year when they went out to tour the average ticket rate was $110.With the bands original lead singer, David Lee Roth, Guitarist Eddie Van Halen. They rocked.

No.7 Rascal Flatts
$ 40 Million
A group of three from Nashville they appeared on charts in 2000, and have in the last year earned $42 Million by selling tickets and have recently released its 5th album

No. 6 celine Dion
$ 40 Million
She had released a french language album which had topped the charts in France, Canada, and Belgium.

No.5 Madonna
$ 40 Million
When she reinvented her own career the concert promoters gave her $ 18 Million singing bonus. Endorsements with Sunsilk and H&M

No. 4 Justin Timberlake
$44 Million
Two million fans paid $100 million to see Justin Timberlake on his latest tour. The former boy-band star appeared in a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi, signed a development deal with MTV and heads his own music label.

No.3 Toby Keith
Country music's bad boy worked in the Oklahoma oilfields before signing his first recording contract. He has capitalized on his fame with lengthy tours, a chain of restaurants and a Ford truck endorsement.

No. 2: Beyoncé Knowles

$80 Million

After ditching Destiny's Child to go solo in 2003, the Houston native has released two platinum albums and built a wildly successful entertainment empire that includes fashion, film and publishing deals. She sold $50 million in tickets on a recent tour. Her endorsement contracts with L'Oréal, American Express and others, bring in $10 million annually.

No. 1: The Police

$115 Million

The late-1970s rock band, famous for not getting along, reunited at the 2007 Grammys, performing its hit "Roxanne." The Sting-fronted group then set off on a world tour, selling out stadiums and arenas on five continents. They sold $200 million worth of tickets and played to 4 millions fans.

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