Friday, September 25, 2009

The Most disgraceful moment of Cricket ever

On February 1, 1981, Australia were playing New Zealand in the third final of the World Series Cup at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The Kiwis needed six runs off the last ball to tie the match. Chappell, the then Australian captain, ordered his brother Trevor to bowl the final ball under-arm to prevent New Zealand’s Brian McKechnie from hitting a six. When Trevor delivered it, the shocked batsman just tapped the ball and threw his bat in disgust.

Kiwi captain Geoff Howarth ran out onto the field to argue with the umpires, but since under-arm bowling was not specifically banned at that time, his protest went in vain. The episode raised a trans-Tasman storm, with New Zealand Prime Minister Robert Muldoon saying that it was appropriate the Aussies should have been dressed in yellow (slang for cowardly) and his Australian counterpart Malcolm Fraser exclaiming that the incident was contrary to the traditions of cricket. The ICC quickly stepped in to officially prohibit under-arm bowling.

Chappell was severely reprimanded by the Australian Cricket Board, but he still had the last laugh, walking away with the man of the series award.

Click on the link to watch the archive video. The most disgraceful moment of the history of Cricket.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sexiest body of 2009

N0. 10 Kate beckinsale
Kate’s secret is private Pilates sessions which can burn 350 calories an hour. Kate admits she isn’t scared of sweets like cupcakes: “I’m not aiming to be Gisele.”

No. 9 Kim Kardashian
“I’m gonna go with Kim Kardashian because of her backside!” said Matt Stillwell. Kim, 28, follows a mostly vegan and macrobiotic diet and tones her curves with trainer Gunnar Peterson. “When I’m in town, I work out five times a week!”

No. 8 Jessica Biel
“She’s sexy-strong,” Lisa Rinna tells . Jess snacks right, eating whole-grain-heavy cereal bars and crackers from Kashi. She and beau Justin Timberlake also work up a sweat on the golf course.

No.7 Eva Longoria
“It’s hard to appear thin on film when you’re short; she does!” LeeAnn Womack tells. Eva, 34, trains with Aimet Victoria, doing strength and cardio workouts several times a week. Eva noshes Sunfare meals, such as fresh grilled salmon in ginger-citrus sauce.

No.6 Rihanna
“Cardio, cardio, cardio!” the SOS singer, 21, tells. I prefer the treadmill. When I perform I dance so much it helps me stay in shape.”" She’s ditched crabs for egg whites, veggies and fish – but sometimes nibbles a little KFC (hot wings are her fav).

No. 5 Jennifer Lopez
“She has curves and isn’t afraid of them,” Karolina Kurkova tells of J.Lo, 39, who keeps her trademark asset toned with high-intensity interval workouts led by Gunnar Peterson and low-cal gourmet meals. “I eat meat. I eat carbs. I even eat McDonalds,” says the mom of two.

No. 4 Halle Berry
“She’s stunning — God made her that way,” Darius Rucker tells of Halle. The Bond girl, 42, relies on that famous orange bikini as a fitness barometer. “If I can’t get into it, I eat less junk,” jokes Halle.

No. 3 Megan Fox
“Oh My God. Megan Fox. She’s got a hot body,” exclaimed Chuck Wicks. Could it be that Megan was just born perfect? Perhaps. The Transformers star, 23, admits to occasional laziness. “I hire a personal trainer,” she says. “He’ll come to my house and Ill be like, ‘Not today! Not today!’”

No. 2 Jennifer Anniston
Jen, 40, trains with yoga instructor Mandy Ingber three times a week. The Smartwater spokeswoman cooks meals from Jewels and Jill Elmore’s book, The Family Chef. “She is natural and really confident. I think that’s beautiful,” says Shawn Johnson.

No. 1 Britney Spears
“She has the ideal body,” Ashley Greene tells of Brit, 27, who burns up to 550 calories an hour on the Circus stage. In L.A., Brit does two-hour cardio and strength sessions three times a week and relies on Sunfare’s, 1,200-calorie-a-day deliveries.

Serving more then coffee

Sexy Baristas Serve up More than Coffee

Serving hot coffee

The Best of the best "Michael Jacksons best 20 ever" (Part 2)

No 10 beat it

No. 9 Show you the way

No. 8 Say say say

No. 7 Dont stop till you get enough

No. 6 I want you back

No. 5 Heal the world

No. 4 Black or white

No 3 You are not alone

No. 2 Billie jean

And finally the No. One
The Earth song